Walt Dallas

Co-Author / Tax Attorney

A practicing attorney for three decades, Walt Dallas holds a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy from Mississippi State University, a J.D. from the University Of Mississippi School Of Law, and an LL.M., Masters of Tax from Southern Methodist University.His many specialties include income tax planning, estate tax planning, business succession planning, trust administration, estates, probate, estate planning, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, asset protection, and tax litigation.

Todd and Walt are frequent speakers on the subjects of tax planning and business development and have a unique ability to entertain while educating audiences big and small. They can be reached through cpsllcms.com.

As a tax attorney, I have the opportunity to assist clients on many different levels. These levels have included estate tax planning, asset protection, business succession planning, and obviously income tax planning.
As a young attorney, I was introduced to real income tax planning in the 1990s by a group called Fortress Financial Group. This group was comprised of tax attorneys, CPAs, and some of the country’s top financial planners. The lesson learned was with planning and thinking outside the box, as there are a great deal of opportunities for legal tax reduction. Many of these opportunities begin with a proper corporate structure.
The strategic alliance with Todd and Capital Preservation Services has allowed me to share these processes and techniques with successful business owners on a national level.
I have written and co-authored several books including: The Complete Guide to Estate and Financial Planning in Turbulent Times and How to Pay Less in U.S. Taxes: Change Your Facts to Change Your Tax. This book, Capital Crusaders, is a very informative book that offers the reader a great deal of insight into true tax planning but in a way that does not include a lot of advanced legal terminology.
Capital Crusaders