Why Run Into Tax Codes Instead Of Away?

Todd Mardis: Well, running in a Tax Code does seem contrary to a lot of advisors because it seems (dawning 00:23), right? It is overwhelming, there is a misnomer that there are 74,000 pages in the Tax Code, that’s not true. With all the cases, statutes, and regulations, maybe so. But the Tax Code itself is made up of about 2600 pages. Well, 2600 pages is a lot of information. Fortunately, about 85% of the Tax Codes are ways for business owners and individuals to reduce their taxes through tax deductions.

Walt Dallas: And so, we want to have the client feel very comfortable that he can be completely transparent with the audit if he becomes audited, because the running to the code, and we are basing our plan on Tax Code sections and regulations and things that are substantial. And we are going to be able to legally reduce that person’s taxes.