What Is An Audit Defense Plan?

Walt Dallas: Our audit defense plan is a series of two meetings a year for the clients. The hearing meeting is to knock out things that have to be done before year-in. In other to save taxes in that particular year, once that accounting year ends, there is nothing else you can do, you are kind of faced with very few options.

Todd Mardis: Our enemies are completely different, at one meeting, as Walt may have alluded to, we are really looking back to see what you did. Make sure your documentation is proper. And the second meeting seems to be the meeting that most of our clients enjoy, and that’s the meeting where we are doing proactive planning, looking out forward and seeing what the tax liabilities will be before the end of the year.

Walt Dallas: And finally the client is audited, we represent the client up to tax courts, up into tax courts in other to relieve their tax liability.

Most of our clients in the past have not had the benefits of our defense plan, they’ve had to pay attorney fees out of pocket.

Todd Mardis: It also gives them a fixed cost as to what their out of pocket would be, and it is a substantially less amount if they are audited. Being an audit defense plan as opposed to having an hourly rate to attorneys and CPAs.