What Is A Key Personality Trait Of People Who Engage In Tax Planning?

Todd Mardis: You know, most of our clients are forward thinkers, they are entrepreneurs, and obviously they are business owners. I think what differentiates those who engage CPS and those who don’t are the ones who really don’t have the ability to make top decisions or decisions on their own, they’d look for outside advise. And many times those individuals are looking for advice from their CPAs, who truth be known, don’t understand what we do, and most of the time won’t take the time to understand or ask the questions of us or what we do. Versus the individuals who says “I’ve always known, that wealthy people pay less in taxes, I’ve always known there is more out there I can do, I’m looking at this process CPS is putting forward that doesn’t look goofy, we are not moving offshore hiding money, we are counting for every dollar we make.”

And they were engaged, but that is really the difference, individuals who can make their own decisions, versus having to have decisions made by a committee.