Top Reason People Engage In Tax Planning

Todd Mardis: I think that the clients that engage CPS know that there is more out there than they’ve been given. They know the things like I just mentioned, the wealthy people pay less in taxes and they are not going to jail and they are not doing anything illegal. And so, they want to know what’s out there that they are not aware of. But ultimately, they think that they can do more with the money that they save in taxes, that they can do more with those dollars than what the federal government may or may not be doing, and this is not a political statement. But, if you as a business owner can retain a $150,000, that’s a $150,000 a year that can go towards your retirement plan, your kid’s education plan, gifting to your synagogue, your church, your universities, raises for employees.

So, most of our clients aren’t looking to go buy a Ferrari, they are driving the vehicles they want to drive, they are not looking to build a bigger house, they just want to be more efficient. And they are saying “hey, I want to be paying the amount of taxes I legally have to pay and not a cent more.”

And then, what they do with that money is up to them, but most of them feel like they can contribute to society in a better way with those dollars than what the federal government is doing with them.