Is Your Goal For Your Clients To Pay Zero Tax?

Walt Dallas: Absolutely not, the goal is to get people to pay the lowest amount that they can while we are staying within the parameters of internal revenue code. We don’t have a problem paying a lower amount, but everybody is going to pay taxes.

Todd Mardis: Like everyone else, we enjoy all the benefits of fire departments, the police departments, we are getting nice roads and schools, so we want our clients to pay taxes. Now what we don’t want is our clients being put in a position of having to overpay their taxes. And overpaying their taxes happens very easily if you don’t have a tax plan. If you are doing reactive tax planning, which is really not tax planning, just being reactive. Then there is about a 100% chance to overpay in your taxes.

Walt Dallas: Our job is to make sure that they pay the lowest amount of tax they can, legally, and staying within the parameters of the code because that’s what congress passes. They pass internal revenue code, and the rules for us to follow, and we are all about following the rules.

Todd Mardis: Our clientele would continue to pay significant amount of taxes after they go through our process. For example, we’ve had clients that are paying 250 to $275,000 a year in taxes on a Federal level, and post-tax planning with Capital Reservation Services, they may be paying 120 of $150,000 annual taxes, federal taxes. So, it is still a significant amount, it is also a significant reduction.