How Do Your Clients Typically Use The Money They Save?

Todd Mardis: Also, the economic benefit to the economy of our clients saving money is really substantial. You think from a high level we’ve taken dollars away from the Federal Government and we’ve just taken an amount of circulation and it hurts the economy. The Federal Government has less to write, do, less money to do what they need to do. When in fact, what our clients are doing most of the time is spending the money. They are reinvesting in their business, they are hiring employees, which brings additional payroll taxes, which brings personal income taxes for the be hirees of the expansion of the business or they are going out and remodeling their business, or upgrading systems, computer systems.

So, our clients are spending the money, they are not just hoarding it. So, there is a trickle-down economic effect that’s beneficial across the board.