How Are CPA’s Hands Tied?

Todd Mardis: Well there are certain things that the CPAs can do and certain activities that they cannot do. One of the things that they cannot do is draft legal documents. And most of the planning that we do require multiple legal entities and documents and strategies, and really interpreting the tax codes.

Walt Dallas: In other to do proper tax planning you’ve got to create companies, you’ve got to draft documents, you’ve got to create a system of checks and balances. And that involves the practice of law, applying facts to the law, drafting documents, and that sort of things. The CPAs can’t do that because they don’t want to practice laws and violate the terms of state laws.

Todd Mardis: We as attorneys are making sure we control what that number is prior to it ending up on that line. So, they both have unique skill sets and you can’t have one without the other without having a complete tax plan. So, we treasure our relationships with our CPAs. And don’t try to short come what they do in a process, but it really thus takes a due approach of having accountant and CPAs as well as attorneys on your team.