Are Taxes Going Up Or Down?

Todd Mardis: Taxes, you know, will go up, there is fundamentally no way that taxes can’t go up. We are obviously in very low historical marginal rates, which is, seems kind of contrary to belief, because it still feels pretty painful, no matter the tax that you are paying.

The Federal Government does not have money, when the Federal Government provides a benefit, it is money that they took from US taxpayers, and then reallocated them in some formal fashion based on legislation.

Walt Dallas: So, we think long-term taxes are going to go up, unbelievably to some of our clients, we are in a low tax environment right now. We are at a 37% marginal bracket, brackets have gone up to an over 90% in our marginal bases. So, when you look back on the history of our country, we are in a really low point for income taxes. So, when you consider those two factors together, and you kind of look at the future, taxes have got to go up.