Todd Mardis

Co-Author / President, CPS

​In 2004, Todd formed Capital Preservation Services in Flowood, Mississippi. Capital Preservation Services has since grown into a tax consulting firm with locations in Mississippi, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Alabama.

The firm, which includes over ten advisors, places a high degree of focus on income tax planning for clients paying in excess of $75,000 in annual federal income taxes. Todd has over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry primarily serving business owners, physicians, and those in the dental profession.
I began in the financial service industry in 1993 with Revere Financial Services. I was straight out of college and had little to no experience in the world of finance other than a few college courses. 
I had the benefit of working with Gerald Sartin and Bruce Sartin. These two individuals had as much impact on me professionally then as they do now. They taught me the importance of learning at a deep level any product or service I offered. They emphasized filling a “hole” for the client’s financial portfolio, and everything else would fall in place.
Over the next twenty-eight years my practice evolved into filling a hole, which was focused on reducing income taxes for successful business owners. This evolution was completed in 2009 when I strategically partnered with Walt Dallas, the book’s co-author. Over the last eleven years, Capital Preservation Services has expanded into a national consulting firm with clients in forty-six states. CPS has partnered with multiple national professional associations and continues to grow. Our success is built on service as much as it is black letter tax codes. 
This book is written in a conversational form, and the intent is to provide insight into high-level tax planning processes without putting the reader straight to sleep.
Capital Crusaders