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The good news is that you’re a very successful small business owner. Your start-up, after surviving a couple of rough years, has put strong roots down. You’re adding employees and have opened a pair of new locations. The future is very bright.

The bad news: your federal tax burden is skyrocketing each year.

It’s painfully clear that the more you grow your business, the higher your taxes will climb, and you’ve heard absolutely enough about the tax breaks, you say to yourself, should be available to everyone. Well, they are, you included.

Todd Mardis and Walt Dallas of Capital Preservation Services are looking for entrepreneur like you, business owners who think outside the box and know inherently that a certain amount of risk-taking is essential when making long-term financial plans.

As to those tax breaks, they’re tied directly to the U.S Tax Code. Do you have time to read that multi-volume monstrosity as you run your day-to-day operations? Of course not – but Todd and Walt do, and they will help you implement a comprehensive, long-term investing program that maximizes your earnings while perfectly legally lowering your annual tax burden to around fifteen percent a year.

Okay, so why hasn’t your CPA had this conversation with you before?

The answer is simpler than you may think: CPAs, no matter how accomplished, typically react to what happened in the previous year. Todd and Walt are always looking ahead and thinking proactively.

Best of all, their teaching program swiftly gives you the keys to your financial future. Soon you’ll be digging into the tax code and arming yourself with strategies that suit your unique business approach-and you’ll be doing so completely legally. You’ll be in complete accordance withe the U.S Tax Code, and Todd and Walt even include an Audit Defense component in their program which will revolutionize your ways of keeping records. Accurate record keeping is a crucial part of what the IRS wants to see when auditing business owners.

Headquartered in central Mississippi, Capital Preservation Services has successfull clients in nearly every state accross the country. Led by Todd Mardis, a veteran business owner with a true entrepreneurial spirit, and Walt Dallas, who holds a Master’s degree in Tax law, the CPS team is ready to join you for the long haul with a gift that truly keeps on giving.

A much lower tax burden from year to year.

What are you waiting for?

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