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The good news is that you’re a very successful small business owner. Your start-up, after surviving a couple of rough years, has put strong roots down. You’re adding employees and have opened a pair of new locations. The future is bright. 

The bad news: your federal tax burden is skyrocketing each year.

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About the Authors

Todd Mardis

Co-Author / President, CPS

In 2004, Todd formed Capital Preservation Services in Flowood, Mississippi. Capital Preservation Services has since grown into a tax consulting firm with locations in Mississippi, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Alabama.

Walt Dallas

Co-Author / Tax Attorney

A practicing attorney for three decades, Walt Dallas holds a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy from Mississippi State University, a J.D. from the University of Mississippi School Of Law, and an LL.M., Masters of Tax from Southern Methodist University.

Video Content

Watch and listen to Todd and Walt discuss key concepts from Capital Crusaders

What are the Contrasts Between Short Term and Long-Term Tax Planning?

I think that’s a great way to say it because there is short-term tax plan, there’s long term tax planning. Short term planning is what we focus on with new clients, and we focus on that normally in the audit defense plan also as we tackle how to reduce taxes each time of the year.

Top Reason People Engage in Tax Planning

I think that the clients that engage CPS know that there is more out there than they’ve been given. They know the things like I just mentioned, the wealthy people pay less in taxes and they are not going to jail and they are not doing anything illegal. And so, they want to know

What is the Impact of the COVID-19 CARES Act?

The Cares Act, in general, has really been a phenomenal thing to watch. The amount of money that they’ve allocated to Cares Act, both in the time that they did it which was fairly impressive, as well as the amount that they are allocating is mind-boggling. You know, these are

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